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Norton Shopping Guarantee



$10,000 in Identity Theft Protection

In the event of identity theft, the Norton Shopping Guarantee provides access to resources and services that help online buyers protect, prevent, and restore their identity. We will reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for things like attorney fees, removing criminal or civil judgments, and credit report disputes.

$1,000 Purchase Guarantee

If there is a problem with a customer order, we will work with you and the buyer to resolve the dispute. If there is no resolution, then we will, in our discretion, make a determination as to whether the terms of sale were fulfilled. If the claim is resolved in the buyer’s favor, we will reimburse the amount of the direct loss, not to exceed $1,000.

$100 Low Price Guarantee

And, should your customer find their exact item at a lower price on your site within 30 days, we will verify and pay the customer the difference, up to $100.

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喔喔... 似乎是結合資安&財務保險 雙重技術所提供的線上購物確保機制?



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